About Us

We are a small independent jewellery design centre based in Cannock Staffordshire.  I have worked in the jewellery business for over 18 years, specialising in bespoke, handmade designs, whilst providing that very personal approach from the outset by way of a private consultation.  

This personal yet surprisingly affordable service enables the client’s involvement from design, to completion.  We are proud to guarantee that each piece we make is a handmade, one off, unique design. We liaise with the client, enabling them to translate their designs and thoughts and I can provide initial concept drawings where required.

Over the years I have found that sentiment can often outweigh the intrinsic value of the jewellery.  In respect of this, we regularly use the clients old or perhaps inherited, un- wearable pieces.   We remodel using original stones and precious metals, in order to carry that sentiment through, to create something current, wearable, loved and unique.

A popular area regarding this service is the refashioning of inherited, loved ones, wedding bands or engagement rings which, I have found regularly sit at the bottom of a drawer gathering dust. Clients are often surprised at the designs created from yesteryear pieces and are excited to discover that they can wear loved ones jewellery as a new, exclusive affordable design, having already supplied the raw materials.